Many Christians attempt to read through the Bible in a year. When I asked my readers why they were unable to accomplish this goal, the answers fell in the same three categories: lack of consistency, lack of accountability, and lack of community.

Every Woman a Theologian exists to equip women and families to go deeper in their faith so they can effectively live as lights to the world. In an age of skepticism, we need to know Scripture well! And since being in Scripture is so vital to our growth and maturity, the discipline of daily study will always be worth our time.

There are many Bible reading plans you can follow (here are five!) but the missing element of structure and community makes it hard for some people to follow through. This new program offers not just the plan, but learning helps and the vibrant Every Woman a Theologian community to read alongside you for $15/mo.

So often we desire to read our Bibles and get the whole, big picture story... but we give up in Leviticus!

I want to see each member of this course FINISH STRONG, and I believe you can do it! All it takes is:

  • consistency
  • diligence
  • community
  • a desire to know God!

The Bible in your hands is hard-won. People died to translate it for you. They died transporting it across borders. They pored over its pages in secret, hiding it beneath floor boards and with their most treasured possessions. To them, reading the Bible was not a chore. It was an honor! And I think we need to embrace that attitude right at the beginning.

It's an honor to read the Bible. And that means we will make some sacrifices to prioritize it.

This course is particularly designed to provide the support and resources for you to complete the Bible in a year plan.

However, you must fully take advantage of what we provide! No amount of resources will make you complete your goal. You must know, internally, WHY this matters so much and devote yourself to making it happen. God will aid you in this - and He will give lots of grace for the process!

The goal of this course is to:

  • Grant you a big picture view of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
  • Teach you how to engage with Scripture without perfectionism or hyper-detail
  • Learn how to draw out theological principles, not just quick application
  • Engage with a text even when short on time
  • Become flexible in your bible reading and "graciously disciplined"
  • Connect with other members of the EWAT community to stay accountable and discuss the text!

Are you ready? I hope so!

The program is hosted in the Teachable program. Each week you'll receive:
  • A video from me (Phylicia) discussing the week's reading and giving tips for forming the spiritual discipline of study
  • Digital downloads with the month and week's reading plan, brief historical context for the week's passage, study tips for the book of the Bible we're in, tips for your learning style, a notetaking sheet, and a prayer journaling sheet
  • Advice for habit formation and consistency
  • Comment threads below each lecture for discussion of the week's reading
  • A private Facebook group for accountability and community
  • Weekly podcasts, videos, and articles to further your study compiled by me, Phylicia!
You'll have access to the course as long as you subscribe, and the subscription is only $15/mo USD!

Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Phylicia Masonheimer
Phylicia Masonheimer

Phylicia Masonheimer is a bestselling author, Bible teacher, and host of the Verity podcast. Her blog and shop, Every Woman a Theologian, teach Christians how to know what they believe, why they believe it, and how to share their faith authentically. Because theology touches every area of life, you’ll see content from Phylicia on discipling kids, navigating core doctrine, Christian marriage and more. She lives in northern Michigan with her husband, Josh, and three children: Adeline, Geneva, and Van.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts in January, in Genesis, and continues through the end of the year (Revelation!). To benefit from the community aspect each week's reading is released as we go.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. We cannot refund after 30 days.
I've failed to read the Bible through before. Will this help?
That’s up to you! I will give you the tools and habit formation teaching to help you, but you must take me up on them! The KEY to succeeding at this plan is stop trying to “catch up” when you miss a day and simply start where we are. Start on the day’s reading and listen on audio to “catch up” later. You must let go of perfectionism to finish the Bible in a year. If you are ready to do that, this plan is for you!
What is required of me in the daily reading?
Nothing except reading the passage! You can go as deep as you want or have time for. The extra resources are there to support you if you have additional questions. The weekly PDF and video set the tone at the beginning of the week, and you can refer back to them as needed. The Facebook group supplies community and there are check-ins throughout the week so you can comment when you’ve done the reading.
How much time does it take per day?
That’s up to you and your study style. I instruct you on how to manage the reading plan in the first module (this module is essential to the success of the course!). Typically people read 15-30 minutes a day if they are taking notes. Others do deep study 2-3x a week and listen on audio the other days.
Can I share the plan with another person?
No, each person must buy their own membership, with the exception of spouses and children; you may share a BYC membership with these. Please do not distribute any of the content beyond yourself; it is copyrighted.

This program is for every person - not just seminarians! The Bible was not written for some people and not for others. It is accessible to EVERY person! I can't wait to FINISH the Bible in a year with you in 2024!